Week 27: Re-creating an old art piece

Hi everyone!

And we’re back! After the Pokemon in Human form post, I had the JLPT coming up so had a good solid chunk of study time. But that hasn’t stopped us drawing, and here is our latest post.

This week’s theme was to challenge us to re-draw an old piece of artwork that we had made. Let’s take a look at the work!

Su’s Piecewp-1481435678465.jpg

Materials used: fineliner, brush pens

Su says “I re-versioned an old artwork from 2007 which was inspired by the video game Soul Calibur 2. This time around I went for a full bodied figure with more accurate proportions.
I left minimal detail on the legs to draw attention to her intricate bodice and the lace.”


Vicki’s Piece


Materials used: ProMarkers, Copics, Watercolours, Pencils

Living in Japan has really limited my access to my old artwork! Rather foolishly, I didn’t scan a lot of my work before I came. But I did have a couple of pieces lying around that I had drawn in the first few months when I moved to Japan. The picture on the right was drawn in 2015, with the one on the right being drawn this year.

I wanted to see how much my approach had changed over the year since I have been drawing and experimenting a lot more since coming to Japan. I’m really enjoying using mixed media in my pieces. I definitely think my style is growing and I’m excited to keep on pushing it!


That’s all for now – check back soon for the next theme!

3 thoughts on “Week 27: Re-creating an old art piece

  1. Your blog is so inspiring – kudos to you both! I love how the themes vary so much week to week. I’d love to see your interpretation of Sofia Coppola’s 2006 movie Marie Antoinette. Stylistically, it’s one of my favourite movies. The sugary pastel colours and French florals are such a feast for the eyes, so I’d like to see how you guys illustrate it 🙂 That or the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, because I love tea as much as you guys!

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    1. Hi Katy – thank you so much for your lovely comment! I’m going to add both of those ideas to our theme list, I love the idea of experimenting with florals and pastel colours!

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