Week 28: Favourite word in a Foreign Language

Hello everyone!

It sure has been a while – thanks to the busy Christmas period and all it’s festivities, and me getting sick just in time for the New Year, I’ve certainly been slacking on the upload for which I am sorry!

We’ve most definitely been drawing though, and if you’d like to see our personal, non-WTSP theme pieces check out our portfolio pages to see links to our own websites.

Week 28 sees us with the theme of our favourite word in a foreign language. This was a theme suggested by me, since we’ve all recently been exposed to some new language opportunities. It definitely presents another way to look at the world, artistically or otherwise!

Su’s Piece


Materials: watercolour, fineliner, colour pencils
Treppenwitz: (German noun) a witty comeback you thought of too late, things you should have said. Literally; a staircase joke, happens to me quite often.

The scene shows the cross section of a building where some Treppenwitz is occuring much to the little character’s dismay.

I used colour to frame the action and bold swathes of pink.

Vicki’s Piece


Materials: Watercolour, pencils

読みこみ中/よみこみちゅう - Yomikomichuu literally just means “Loading”. I chose this word because it was one of the first things I saw, on the first day I arrived at my workplace last year. I was given a laptop all in Japanese, and I remember feeling absolutely overwhelmed. Until I translated it this year and discovered how ADORABLE it sounds to say “loading” in Japanese.

There are so many words in Japanese which have regular meanings and by no means are intended to be cute, however from an English speaking perspective, there are many aspects to the language which make it easily adaptable to being cute. Perhaps this is why there are so many Japanese people who adore cute things!



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