What is With Two Sugars, Please?

With Two Sugars, Please is a collaborative Art project which was started by two ladies who love a cup of tea as much as they love to draw.

We started this project to motivate each other to continue drawing alongside our careers, and track the progress that we make. The themes are chosen to be challenging and display our unique perspectives and talents in our fields.

Our aims are to have a log of our work which shows gradual and continued improvement!


As our project has continued to grow, we have been happy to welcome a third talented artist into the mix!


How does it work?

Every Wednesday we take it in turns to pick a theme for a drawing. We have exactly one week to produce a piece (however we like!) and share it with each other. We then post our work here on the blog, tracking our weekly progress.

We also welcome theme suggestions from readers, friends and family!

Would you like to suggest a theme? Drop us an email or comment on a post and suggest what our next drawing should be of.


Who is involved?

The project was initiated by Vicki and Su, and has recently welcomed Maryann to join us with a fresh artistic perspective!


Why With Two Sugars, Please?

Often in the UK, if you are offered a cup of tea you are asked how you would like it made – “Milk, sugar?”

“With two sugars please!” is quite often a popular response. And of course – this project was started by two ladies who love a cup of tea.

We wanted to reflect the casual nature of this project – after every piece we do, we reflect on our work and the progress made, just like we would do over a nice cup of tea!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the idea! And the arts of course! Amazing talent and hard work you guys have. Sticking to a weekly schedule is a real challenge but you guys can definitely do it. Do you mind if I share your work?


      1. I dont know the technical stuffs but I can surely give some amateur comment :D. One suggestion, since both your work have grown, maybe put them in a gallery/slideshow collection (profolio page would be a great place). It’s hard to jump between the posts so having them in one place will make it easy to see all of them and compare the progress. Put a link in the caption so people can go to the original post.


      2. That’s a really great idea! Thanks, I will get to work on that today 🙂 your comments are extremely helpful and interesting – any perspective is wonderful as not everyone who appreciates art is a designer themselves! And plus you have some genuinely wonderful feedback!! So thank you!

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