Week 31: Let them eat cake

Hey everyone!

So this week we had a theme suggested by a co-worker of Su, who asked us to create an image using pastel colours, floral imagery – think Marie Antoinette!

As always, we love themes suggested by visitors of our blog so it was great fun to work on this one!

Vicki’s Piece


Materials: ClipStudio Paint, Wacom Intuous tablet

Recently I have been attempting to dive back into the digital world and start creating pieces using drawing software. This has been really challenging for me but a welcome one, as it has made me really think about how to visualise what’s in my mind.

Working with floral patterns isn’t something I do often, but pastel colours are always fun! I decided to go for a simple, framed portait, almost cameo-inspired and very vibrant and fun. I wanted to draw a beautiful, classy lady surrounded by some of the decadent things in life – beautiful flowers, tasty desserts and elegant dresses – of course, with big hair!

This was a really playful piece which I enjoyed making but I feel like I have a long way to go with my digital work – here’s to many more experiments!

Su’s Piece


Materials: white ink, watercolour, brushpen and coloured pencils.

Such a wonderful theme suggestion from an equally as wonderful reader! I have yet to watch the film (come on Netflix, do the right thing), but I did watch a few of the trailers.
I wanted Marie Antoinette’s decadent hair in focus by saturating her skintone.




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