Week 29: 3 Dresses inspired by Drinks

Hello everyone!

Week 29’s theme was a challenge to design 3 dresses inspired by different drinks. Let’s take a look at what we made..

Vicki’s Piece


Materials: Watercolour, pencil

I decided to base my drinks off of 3 different dress styles and theme the dress and the drink appropriately! My chosen dresses and drinks were:

A cocktail dress – Tequila Sunrise

An afternoon tea dress – Earl Grey

A wedding dress – Pink Champagne

I decided to work in a fashion illustration style, focusing on colour and the dress styles as opposed to an artistic piece. The dresses I have all designed are pretty reflective of Japanese fashion styles I feel, probably a big influence from living here and my own personal taste preferences!

I actually chose 3 of my favourite drinks too! I had a lot of fun playing with the colours and creating gentle washes. This was actually a very quick piece, taking me about 20 minutes in total.

Su’s Piece

Materials: fineliner, watercolour

Inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s compositions, I used minimalist and understated clothing, body language and expression to portray my chosen beverages.

A glamourous lilac svelte plunge dress with a demure shawl in grey.

A sophisticated long sleeved midi dress in royal blue with daring neckline paired with strappy patent heels.

A fun-loving parrot green strappy mini dress, barefoot in the sand with head ornament.

All available from ASOS!

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