Week 26: Pokemon in Human form

Hi everyone!

The weeks seem to have flown by – and now we’re officially half way through the project! Week 26 was another reader suggestion which was to draw a Pokemon in a human form.


Vicki’s Piece


Materials: Coloured pencils, watercolours

This is our second Pokemon inspired theme, each one encouraging something different and yet somehow this one was harder for me than the first! I decided to draw Jigglypuff in human form, taking some liberties from her anime character. Since it is suggested in the series that she is a bit of a diva who loves to sing, I decided to fuse that idea with Japan’s love of Idol-girl groups and designed her as a kawaii pop idol.

I’ve felt lately that my drawing style has overused bold outlines and black ink in particular, so I limited my resources to colouring pencils and paint only in the hopes to soften the feeling of it and create something, well, fluffy looking. I don’t feel like this particular image is anything special, but the challenging myself with limited resources in this style as opposed to my usual materials was a interesting and made me think a little more. After making this piece, I applied a similar restriction to another illustration I did and I’m really pleased with the outcome of that – so I learned something!


Su’s Piece


Materials: Promarker, colour pencils, watercolour.

Su says “Snorlax is a Pokemon after my own heart.
I went with a sensual depiction of Snorlax for her human form, with the soft pink cushions and relaxed demeanour. I used a self portrait to serve as a guide for the pose.”

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