Week 30: The Contents of My Bag

Hey everyone!

Week 30 got personal and asked us to dig deep down into our daily lives and expose the contents of our bags. What will they reveal about us as individuals and artists? Let’s take a look!

Vicki’s Piece


Materials: Watercolour, pencil, pen

I feel like two things happened to me when I moved to Japan – 1. my life became much more organised and 2. The things that I needed for my daily life here changed a little.

Of course while some things stayed the same like my drawing supplies, some skincare products and my phone, some other items specific to Japanese culture were introduced. Namely my little personal hand towel (since often Japanese toilets won’t have paper towels or hand dryers!), my portable phone battery (I am ALWAYS using my phone for translation and maps so it dies all the time..) and my little handmade pocket tissue pouch for when I get the sniffles.

I went for a more playful, colourful design since my living circumstances have made my life all the more rich, it seemed like the best way to illustrate my newfound excitement!


Su’s Piece


Materials: 0.5mm fine liner and ProMarker

Su says “I haven’t used graph paper in about a decade and really enjoyed recreating the contents of my bag in pleasing geometric shapes.”


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