Week 6: Nuclear Apocalypse

Week 6 has come and gone – and this time the theme was chosen by Su! Su decided we should draw something inspired by a nuclear apocalypse, having been reading up on Chernobyl.. however it was a theme we both ended up regretting as it posed harder to be inspired by than we thought!

But still – as usual it yielded interestingly different results from us both.. so let’s take a look at this week’s work!

Vicki’s Piece


Materials: Fine liner, watercolour paints, coloured pencils

When Su mentioned the theme, the instant thought I had was the things I had learned and experienced when visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I couldn’t ever imagine the horror that people faced during those attacks – but it stuck with me. I’m not sure if I quite managed to convey the feeling I wanted (a week wasn’t long enough for such a mammoth task) but I opted for an emotional piece.

I’m really not happy with this week’s piece! It started out as a really nice, expressive piece of line art – there was a lot of movement in it and some really delicate line work that I used to try and capture the fragility of life after a nuclear attack. But as soon as I added colour this was lost – a lot due to smudging thanks to the water colours.. I didn’t really think this one through when it came to the colouring. But still – I learned something from this piece and in future I’ll bear in mind that sometimes less is better. Or at least – choose a different method of colouring!


Su’s Piece


Materials: Coloured pencils

Su says: “Let’s just say my theme choice was a snap choice due to reading about Chernobyl’s red forest.
I am not too keen on the composition.
I was going for Max Max Fury Road’s Furiosa, with the shaved head and angst.
I finally used my new colouring pencils and really enjoyed it, they blend nicely especially for the hints of yellow light across the left of her face.”


So.. as you can see it was a bit of a tough week for us both! But we stuck to it and we’ve definitely learned from it.

Check in next week for our first suggested theme!



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