Week 24: A Character for an Existing Franchise


After last week’s traditional theme, Week 24 brought another illustration based theme with the topic of designing a character for an existing franchise or universe. A seemingly limitless theme, this one at least gave some parameters in that we had to think about the aesthetic of our chosen franchise. But choosing a franchise itself-  that gave endless possibilities!


Su’s Piece


Materials: brush pens, fineliner, watercolour

I decided to add a character to Kill Bill in the form of a sari-suited knight, a nice parallel to Lucy Lui’s character decked out in traditional garb.
I used grey tones to keep it looking vintage, with a striking background to pull her into focus.
Although it should probably be noted that she has a rapier and not a curved Indian sword!

Vicki’s Piece


Materials: ProMarkers, Watercolours, Colouring Pencils

The franchise I chose was Kingdom Hearts, as I fell in love with the aesthetic and concept of the game entirely. I loved that it merged two of my favourite franchises – Final Fantasy and Disney – into one with a new and appropriate style. Combining the cartoon style of Disney with the elegance of FF was no small task, and yet it was pulled off effortlessly.

I decided to create a character inspired by my recent Halloween costume, since I had put so much effort into that and fell in love with the rusty, steampunk elements.I imagined her as a plot-relevant character in a world based on some kind of steampunk fantasy. Of course, the Keyblade you’d get from that world would be inspired by her aesthetic..

I went for bright, bold lines and solid colours like the character art used in the series. I had a lot of fun working in this style and designing a rough concept art for a Keyblade!


That’s all for Week 24! Check back next week for our next theme..

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