Week 23: Landscapes

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delay in posting.. Everyone’s been pretty busy again lately including myself! But regardless of this business.. I’ve been doing my best to continue painting almost every day. Which includes this week’s post – a landscape!

Vicki’s Piece


Materials: Watercolours, Gouache

Recently I treated myself to some new paints and colouring pencils down at the stationary store. I’ve been complaining a lot about the limited access to large quantities of paint. They’re either really expensive, or just so small! But I decided that shouldn’t stop me in painting at all. Plus – I like working in small sizes, so why should it stop me?

I decided to paint one of my favourite photos that I took in Osaka when we visited earlier this year. There’s a beautiful part of the city where you can look down the canal and see the most stunning night-scene. It felt like a futuristic cityscape with all the neon lights and bright colours everywhere. Capturing that vibrance with watercolours isn’t easy due to the nature of the paints, so I decided to capture my feelings, the excitement and movement of that scene – as opposed to capturing it perfectly. There is something whimsical about using watercolours – they can either be gentle and illustrative or dreamlike and hazy. I went for a bit of everything mixed in with crazy. I hope it captured the excitement!

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