Week 19: Draw your Room

Hi guys!

We’re back on the drawing train again and into our daily routines. So what better way to begin than by drawing a reader suggestion? We each were tasked with the theme of drawing a room in our homes. Let’s take a look at what everyone went with.

Maryann’s Piece

Materials: Pencil

Maryann says “My living room is my favorite part of my house. Because of my limited time I couldn’t do my drawing in full color, and it is a real shame. I love facing toward the window and admiring my bright blue couches and orange curtains, my green pillows, and bright patterned tapestries. It is especially beautiful during golden hour when the sunset turns everything pinkish. Hopefully one day I can remake this drawing and do that description justice. Regardless, I really enjoyed taking in my apartment’s scenery while doing this drawing!”



Su’s Piece

Materials used: paint, Pro Marker, colouring pencils.

Su says “I am fond of top down views of rooms, it’s not something I’ll ever see in actuality but it’s nice to imagine. To add life to the scene and to make it look lived in; I drew multiple selves: I’m browsing my bookshelf, walking around, sleeping, putting shoes on.

I did a visual spring clean by not drawing more random socks.

I flipped from paint to Pro Marker to colouring pencils with this piece.”
Vicki’s Piece

Materials: ProMarker, Watercolour, fineliner

This project gave me the opportunity to think about where I am living now, as well as take a close look at what makes it what it is.

I decided to draw my favourite spot in my room, as opposed to the whole room. I have a rather spacious apartment for one person here in Japan, but this corner is where I feel safest and happiest. So it’s where all the magic happens!

After a recent discussion with a friend it became clear that my most confident pictures are with ProMarkers and paint, but I’m not confident at landscapes or backgrounds. I enjoyed working on this piece (despite a watery accident on the curtain!). It’s given me some insight on what to do next time. I’ll be drawing landscapes more often!


That’s all for now! Next week will be Week 20, and we’re excited to share our pictures!

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