Week 16: Alter Egos

Hi everyone!

A little announcement regarding upload times – we’ve changed the schedule from a Friday to a Sunday for the forseeable future. Although the original timing was a great challenge for us, due to my recent work schedule Sunday uploads will allow me to work properly and give some more time and attention to the blog itself! Our themes will still begin on a Wednesday though, so keep on suggesting!

This week we had a rather interesting illustrative theme as suggested by Su, which was to create an original and their alter ego. This was an interesting challenge, as we had to each think about how to tell a story about our characters and their alter egos, just through our pictures alone!

Let’s take a look at who we created..

Vicki’s Piece


Materials: Water colour, fine liner, ProMarker

As my style is fairly illustrative, and with my storytelling background I really enjoy these character creating pieces. So, I was thrilled with this week’s suggestion! However.. I didn’t really know where I was going with it at first. Having been listening to a lot of Depeche Mode lately (ahem, I mean, always..) I wanted to draw a darker, slightly more gothic styled character. I decided to create a young girl who in her daily life is training to become a ballet dancer by at night is a vampire slayer.

I crossed over with her daily self holding a stake, and her alter ego holding a lighter, more innocent object to reflect the intimate tie between their lifestyle. She’s not as emotionally cold as she looks – though after a life of killing the undead you’d be pretty stoic! I also opted for a more dynamic, fluid pose for each (somewhat shojo-manga, magical girl-esque) to really bring them both to life.

I’m really happy with this week’s piece and the colour scheme ended up working out really well too!

Su’s Piece


Materials: Fineliner, ProMarker

Su says “The character I created is a daytime fashion and lifestyle blogger but her alter ego is a justice-seeking journalist and photographer.

I wanted a believable alter ego so decided to go for an extreme starting personality (as a blogger).

For the narrative, I used clothing, props (camera) and make up to differentiate the 2 personalities.

I used solid colours to make the clothing pop, and added mark making around the face.

The main challenge was making it look like the same person with less make up and street clothes.

I like to believe she uses the money she makes from her blog to help her investigate crime and corruption!”
Maryann’s piece – coming soon!


We hope you enjoyed this week’s theme! Next week we’ll be having another artist suggestion. Want to recommend a future theme? Leave a comment on the blog and it will be put into the schedule!


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