Week 13: An Unexpected Twist!

Hi everyone!

Oops.. 13 weeks in and I broke the upload schedule! That’s totally my bad, I had a busy work week and then surprise visitors on the weekend. But I’m here now, we’re beginning the new theme today so let’s take a look at last week’s results..

Su’s Piece


Materials: Watercolour, Pro Marker, graphite pencil and fineliner

su says: “I powered up my PlayStation2 before receiving this theme suggestion from a wonderful reader, I was inspired to draw an unexpected twist in Resident Evil 4, one of my all time favourite games.
For those who haven’t played the game (I don’t know how you sleep at night, oh wait I do, by not playing the game!) the premise revolves around secret agent, Leon saving the President’s missing daughter from a cult, which wishes to infect the world with a parasite so that they can be easily controlled.
The main characters are injected with a strain but they later find a machine that will remove it. My unexpected twist depicts the duo not finding the machine and remaining infected so much so that they become compliant hosts to the parasite, being mindlessly led back to the States to infect millions of others.
I’m happy with the eerie subtle look of the work, though it may be too subtle with just the eyes and thousand yard stare. I kept I faithful to the costumes but my main challenge was making Leon not look like an NSYNC reject.
For eagle-eyed fans, the background was inspired by the ominous box art.
Bonus cheesy Leon quote: “Where’s everybody going? Bingo?”


Vicki’s Piece


Materials: Copics, ProMarkers

Being honest, I was totally lost on the complete openness of this last theme! For me I was almost literally trying to think of an unexpected plot twist from a movie I had seen or book I had read, and wondered how to illustrate the essence of the moment it happened. I almost went with *old spoiler alert!* the moment Edward Kenway is revealed to be part of the Templars in Assassin’s Creed. But I couldn’t quite work out how to illustrate that moment.

Instead I decided to go comical, and literally comic format. Recently I watched Deadpool (AT LAST!) and it was as juvenile and hilarious as I had expected. I also have been meaning to watch the Scream Netflix series.. so of course as usually happens my brain decided to connect the two.. and this happened.

I enjoy working in a storyboard format or making comic strips, probably an offset of my previous Animation skills development. Framing is good fun.. fitting things onto a tiny page is hard though! I could have definitely put a lot more into this and worked on detail.. but I think this week I wasn’t feeling it. Time to step up my game again!



That’s all for now.. join us on Friday (on time this week, I promise!) to see the results of our next theme.

3 thoughts on “Week 13: An Unexpected Twist!

  1. You guys are on a roll! Lots of twisting things.

    I was initially confused by Su’s Resident Evil story: if Leon and the girl were badly infected, how would they save the world? then I realized it’s a twisted theme lol. Great and consistent artwork as usual. Good lighting on the hair. The mindless look is a bit subtle as you said. Leon still looks determined and in control. Their poses are quite composed too.

    Vicki, your piece is absolutely hilarious. I actually laugh out loud at the end. Deadpool is the best! Making fun of Scream is also classic. You got a great mix! The girl’s expression, eye and tears are also comical. The framing also feels smooth an natural. Great angles too! It’s challenging to come up with a good flow. The art can be sharper cleaner more contrast. But Deadpool saves the day!


    1. Thank you so much for your feedback! I love the colour scheme on Su’s piece.. I really think she captured the aesthetic vibe of the 4th game really well. And I’m glad it made you laugh! I was a little worried about having no dialogue.. but I’m glad the narrative was clear!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi Tri! I am months late, apologies, I am actually getting around to replying to all the comments on our blog diligently!
      Ah yeh I hear you, my depiction is way too subtle in its context, the red eyes are dulled out too, so before I start inking, I need to really make sure i am capturing what I set out too!.
      Vicki’s comic made me giggle in only 3 frames, such striking colours!


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