Week 12: Silent Hill..

Hello everyone!

So I was a little tied up this weekend and unfortunately am posting late! Sorry sorry! But here is Week 12, another reader suggestion which was “Silent Hill”. I hope you enjoy our pieces this week!

Su’s Piece


Materials: Brush pens, fine liner

Su says “For this week’s theme, suggested by a lovely reader, I felt like trying something new, so I opted for a silhoetted background composition.
Though it is not as bold as I had hoped, I do like the gradient of the grey hues, lightening as you reach the church in the distance.
Hopefully you can tell the silhoettes are of the infamous bobble head nurses, I quite enjoyed having free reign over this theme, mainly because I’ve only played a very few of the Silent Hill games so I don’t have a fixed point of reference.
Normally I listen to music while drawing, but as tempting as it was to listen to the game soundtrack while drawing this, it’s just too eerie to be taken lightly!”


Vicki’s Piece


Materials: Water colours, pencil, ProMarkers

As a huge Silent Hill fan, I was absolutely thrilled that this was a suggested theme! A big part of my teenage years was spent playing Silent Hill and Resident Evil on the older PlayStation consoles.. Well, I say playing but mostly hiding.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack for a long time and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn’s haunting voice.. espcially in “Letter from the Lost Days”. I took direct inspiration from the lyrics for the letter in this piece, and tried to capture the eerie feeling of the lyrics. It’s such a haunting song, and the open desperation is what really fuels these games. I decided to try and show that, with the protagonist giving up.. as I’m sure most of us would if we were trapped in Silent Hill!

Of course, Pyramid Head has made a cameo in the background..

I’m really pleased with this piece. I wasn’t initially happy with it, but as I persevered and added more tones, shading and colour it really came into it’s own.


That’s all for this week! If you’d like to make a suggestion for a future week.. please leave us a comment! We’re almost up to date on reader suggestions, so now is a good time to make a suggestion!


(p.s Kojima’s return to glory at E3 has got us girlies a-buzzing away! RIP Silent Hills, but long live Kojima Productions!!)




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