Week 10: Unlikely Pairings..

Hey everyone!

I think that Week 10 has proven to be the most fascinating turning point in our project so far! Despite each of us facing our own issues throughout the week – the topic itself was actually a lot harder to visualise for some of us. But as hoped with the project overall – it yielded some rather interesting results.. I hope you enjoy Maryann‘s as much as I do!

So Week 10 was Su‘s choice and she went with “Unlikely Pairings”, with the only criteria being that we draw two people or characters who you would not expect to see in the same scenario.


Su’s Piece


Materials: Pro Marker, water colour, fine liners

Su says: “My pick for an unlikely superhero duo was the righteous Captain America and the wild Tank Girl. While Captain America berates his teammates for swearing, Tank Girl indulges in violent behaviour; they’re the antithesis of each other.

As they’re from wildly different comic book universes and countries of origin, I mish-mashed the two art styles. I aimed to make this illustration bold and punchy, like Cap and Tank Girl themselves!

Cap looks a bit angry; maybe Tank Girl said something uncivil.”

Maryann’s Piece


Materials: graphite (8 in x 13 in paper)

Maryann says: “This theme was a really difficult one for me to brainstorm. The more I think about these guys, the less “unlikely” they seem to be. Both are incredibly delusional megalomaniacs, for one thing. They certainly aren’t people that I hear talked about in the same breath though. And so I just started imagining, what if they were best friends? Or even lovers? I’m calling this one “Tommy and Kanye Sitting in a Tree.”

From an artistic standpoint, I worked on this one very quickly and roughly. I wouldn’t mind using this drawing as a study for a more finished piece in the future (although the odds of me actually going through with that, to be honest, are pretty slim), but I would’t call this 100% finished… Despite that, I had a lot of fun working on it and seeing Kanye’s big head gradually come to rest on Tommy’s lumpy shoulder, so I am happy!”

Vicki’s Piece


Materials: Coloured pencils, ProMarkers

This week I really struggled to think of who to draw. Honestly, I tried to think of something witty or funny and I really couldn’t bring anyone to mind! Everyone I considered were either comically relatable, or already pretty obvious. I decided in the end to pair two of the people I figured were polar opposites but also linked in an *ahem*, tenuous way..

Also because I really just wanted to play with simple colours and there were two pretty obvious ones connected with these characters!

Content wise, I feel like I could have been much more creative with the layout and poses of the characters – it really isn’t dynamic but it could have been. But design wise, I am happy I was a little more experimental with playing with a limited colour palette and simplistic drawing style. It has a real illustration feeling, which is something I have aspired towards developing and hope to keep pushing towards in the future with my pieces!



So now this theme has come and gone – we are excited to be working on the next few suggestions that have been made in the comments! Want to add to the list? Feel free to drop us a message and we’ll work on it in the coming weeks!



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