Week 9: Fictional Pairings in Everyday Life

Hey hey!

So Week 9 is particularly exciting as we have officially welcomed Maryann into the project and she has contributed to this week’s theme as chosen by me, which is fictional pairings in everyday life.  I chose this theme because I wanted to explore the challenge of expressing an already established character/personality in a completely different setting from their current universe. And I think.. it is pretty interesting how we all interpreted it!

So let’s get to it..

Maryann’s Piece


Materials: Watercolor, guache, and colored pencil (8 in × 13 inch paper)

Maryann says “Before I discuss my piece, I would like to give a nod to Vicki and Su for allowing me to join this awesome project of theirs!  I am happy to be making work alongside such a creative and talented duo. Although I am somewhat intimidated and will probably feel a good deal out of my comfort zone rather often, I am excited to be stretching my artist muscles again. Thank you for that opportunity! Now onto the drawing…

When I heard the theme, for some reason the setting and everyday action seemed a good deal more important than the characters inhabiting it, and  I immediately started thinking about 1950’s American retro home life. The colors and eery staged quality of that time period are really attractive to me. While looking at these images, for whatever reason I remembered “Sazae-san,” a famous manga and anime. I imagined the title character’s face on the body of a done-up 50’s housewife, felt the odd tension between the two, and my drawing was born. The fact that “Sazae-san” came into being in 1946 and continued through post-WWII era in Japan (until today) adds yet another layer of juxtaposition that I really appreciate.

I really enjoyed putting together this drawing. It is very different from what I am used to doing, so at first I was hesitant. I had to remind myself to have fun and loosen up my lines and brushwork, and then I could feel it coming together. Overall I am satisfied with my first contribution to the site!”


Su’s Piece


Materials: Watercolour, ProMarker, fineliner.

Su says “I thought about the fictional pairings quite a lot before deciding on which pair to place in an ordinary everyday setting.

I finally decided on Bioshock’s Big Sister and Little Sister (with bonus Big Daddy plush toy!) because I recalled playing the game and being thoroughly creeped out, there’s nothing better than putting eerie characters in normal settings! (Note to self: draw Pyramid Head grocery shopping).

I picked a funfair because it worked well with the Little Sister/Big Sister dynamic and also because Bioshock had that whole underwater dystopia fun fair feeling.”


Vicki’s Piece


Materials: Fineliner, ProMarker

One of my favourite fictional pairings has always been Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8. It has always been a game close to my heart, and I was drawn to their relationship – how they were polar opposites as people but both realistic characters. Rinoa is spirited, a little childish but strong-willed and Squall is quiet, moody and seemingly an enemy of fun. Yet throughout the game they bring out the best in each other, fall in love and face their troubles together. I always imagined what happened after the game – they were both young characters so you never see what happens in their lives later on.

I decided to draw a photo-booth style image because I wanted to experiment with drawing their emotions, showing their different characters almost in action and creating a warm, funny atmosphere. I opted for black and white, to give that cute, hipster kind of photo-booth look. I imagine that as a couple, she would be dragging him along to do all these cute couple activities, and he reluctantly agrees. But the warmth of their relationship is always there.

I’m really pleased with how this one turned out, it’s simple and bold, so the emotions and expressions are the focus of the piece.


That’s all for Week 8 – We hope you enjoyed our progress, and our new project buddy’s work! Tune in next week for the next theme..



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