Updates and progress!

Hi everyone!

So now we’re currently working on Week 8 of the project and I have a little news that I would like to share about the current progress on the website and project.

Firstly, we would like to welcome Maryann to the project – check out her portfolio page for some background info on her style. She will be joining in from Week 9, starting this Wednesday.

Alongside this, I have been updating the portfolio pages for each of the artists involved. We’ll be displaying some of our personal works that we do outside this project, link to other places that you can see our work and so on.

Based on the excellent recommendation from Tri, I have also made a Project Themes overview page where you can see each week’s theme directly and link to the blog page. This makes it easier to see the art pieces without having to scroll back through older blog posts.


I hope that this makes the website much more user friendly, and so you can enjoy our art much more easily!




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