Week 4: Assassin’s Creed

Happy Friday everyone!

So while last week’s challenge was pretty fun, but Week 4 has been a bit challenging for us both – Su’s had a pretty busy and exciting week at work on top of being unwell, while I was caught up in the drama of the Kumamoto Earthquakes in Japan (luckily – my town only had some strong shaking and no damage but it’s a long story – you can read about it on my blog!)

But regardless, we both managed to pull through and draw our pictures. Which I’m glad we both did – if anything it was a test of our dedication to the project and we both stuck to it.

This week’s theme was Su’s choice and she picked the Assassin’s Creed universe – the challenge being to draw us both in a scenario relating to the games. This series has been one we both bonded over when we first met so it’s pretty close to our hearts. Also – it’s totally cool.


Su’s Piece


Materials: Promarkers, graphite pencil, watercolour paint, fine liner.

Su says “I decided to draw us as novice assassins with the great Leo da Vinci calibrating our wrist blades. Possibly the greatest character in the entire series.
Next time I’d like to try a more natural set up, perhaps one character should have been poised at the end of the table (not sure Leo would like someone sitting on his piles of Codex).

I tried to use Rembrandt’s light and shadow and some good old chiaroscuro, definitely need to give that another go with more patience.”


Vicki’s Piece


Materials: ProMarkers/Copics, fine liners


This week I’m not entirely happy with the piece I produced as I found it hard to focus. Originally, I had a really ambitious picture in mind, and I wanted to focus on architecture in relation to the characters. Backgrounds are by far my weakest area – so I need to work on this!

I drew us both in the scenario where you must blend in the crowd. This is mostly just developing my character style, expressions and speed drawing.

In terms of how long it took I’m actually pretty pleased (done in less than an hour!) and it’s a concept piece if anything. I’m happy with the colour scheme too – practicing with muted colours, skin tones and a sketchy style.


Next week we’ll be back with our new theme and images – if you’d like to leave some feedback, or suggest a future theme please drop us a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Week 4: Assassin’s Creed

  1. My favorite so far!

    Su’s piece definitely has more depth and details this time. The scene is more complicated and has a story line to it. I cant tell if Su was checking out Leo da Vinci or she was trying to hint at Vicki on some inside joke. Whatever it was, it’s definitely amusing to her. Vicki’s eyes were a bit lost. I dont know what she was looking at or thinking about. I would expect her to pay attention on what’s being done to her arm. Da Vinci surely focused on his work. I also love the details on the table, making it more real. This piece gives off the same feeling when I look at those portraits in an art gallery.

    Vicki’s piece is a straight up scene from an Anime. The expressions of the characters are what I love most. Vicki looked like she was crying? sulking on something probably related to Su. Su was just calmly ignoring her, having a straight face and paying Vicki no heed. I wouldnt say they were very successful at blending in the crowd because they stood out so much. Great costume design and shadow work! Simple but sufficient. I dont mind the background at all because it highlights the main characters. Great contrast too!

    You guys should name these work. Great paintings have name.

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      1. Hi Su! It’s great that you finally logged in! You guys all did a great job and I’m just glad that I came across your work (although I’ve been slacking off lately). Also big shout out to Vicki who put a lot of effort in maintaining the blog! I know how hard it is to keep it alive haha. I mean my last post was about pokemongo almost half a year ago 😀 And yes, definitely more Assasin’s Creed! The movie is coming out as well so there are a lot to work from. You can already make a story of your own in that world.

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  2. Reblogged this on Tri Huynh and commented:
    I came across Vicki’s and Su’s amazing drawing blog withtwosugarsplease a while ago and I’ve been hooked to it ever since. Every week they take turn to come up with a topic and do their best to produce a piece within a week, using materials and ideas of choices. I love all their pieces. You can tell each piece has a unique story to it with the unmistaken personality of the owner. Last week’s Assassin’s Creed was my favorite.

    If you are inspired by drawings and arts, checkout their work. What’s best is you can drop a comment and let them know what you want to see next. They actually answered my call and we’ll have a League of Legends theme next! Something worth sharing.


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