Week 3: Character Gender Swap

Hey everyone!

So after Su’s original character design idea last week, it was my turn to choose something that would mean we would need to redesign an already existing character..

I decided to go with the idea of a “Gender swap” – picking a character that we like, and redesigning them as the opposite sex. But the main challenge was making them still recognisable as that character.. just, different!

Vicki’s Piece


Materials: ProMarkers, Coloured pencils, Watercolour paints

I decided to go with drawing a female version of Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, I figured this would be a fun challenge as he is a pretty grimy, masculine character with a strong and silent personality. I wanted to capture the same level of stoic strength but also personal style. Pretty happy with the post on this one and how it is framed! I want to work on my shading in the future, and maybe a bolder outline.


Su’s Piece


Materials: Fine liner, Watercolour paints

Su says “Dante is an iconic character, he’s charming; funny and a gun and sword slinging badass. I tried to capture his Devil May Cry 3 character and costume in this female rendition. I used a cocky, carefree pose to portray the character’s nonchalant attitude. Perhaps next time I’ll opt for different medium to get a brighter tonal quality, especially on the red coat.”


This week was really good fun and definitely a fun opportunity to explore our creative sides when expressing character! Stay tuned next Friday for another picture theme, or drop us a comment if you want to recommend a theme you would like to see!


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