Week 2: Medieval Warriors

Hey again!

Getting up to speed on posting the pictures we have done so far. So we started drawing about 3 weeks ago, and we’re currently working on our third piece – I want to aim to upload our images every Friday. So there’s a little backlog. But that means more images in one day, never a bad thing..

The second week’s theme was decided by Su and so she chose Medieval Warriors. Su is an avid fan of video game universes and the detail put into making them so involving – so Skyrim has a soft spot in her heart!

Su’s Piece


Materials: Watercolour paint, fine liner, graphite pencils

Su says “I went with unapproachable grey colours to reflect the cold stones in a castle: the heroine is stoic and poised, I drew my medieval warrior in under amour; chain mail and trousers”

Vicki’s Piece


Materials: ProMarkers/Copics, water colour paints, coloured pencils

I decided to go with a strong female warrior in anticipation of Game of Thrones starting up again this month. One of my favourite characters is Brienne, and how she is such a dedicated woman of honour and so strong too!

I really felt creative on the smaller details on this one as I wanted to give a sense of strength in her character with no words or obvious signs. One of the big elements we were taught at university was how to tell a story with no dialogue – I hope I haven’t lost my touch!


So that’s all for this week – remember to follow us if you would like to see what our next image is and if you’d like to recommend a theme – leave us a comment!

Vicki xox

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